Animal Apps is no more!

We've decided we'd be able to make a bigger impact in another context.
Thanks to all our players, it's been a wonderful ride!

Are you an animal at what you do?

Animal Apps is a stealth startup that creates highly viral and hopelessly addictive social games and applications. We were founded in the summer of 2008 by Robert Cezar Matei and Dave Pekar in San Francisco, CA. Since then, we've been hard at work creating successful applications on the social network platforms. In just one year, we've garnered over 100 million installs and hundreds of thousands of users now log into our apps everyday. Now at 8 people, we are profitable and growing fast.

We are lucky enough to be self-funded and thus enjoy 100% control over the direction of our products. We work hard - we make mistakes - we have successes - and it's all really fun.

Still curious? We've crammed as much about ourselves as we could into the bullet points below...

As individuals, we strive to be:
  • entrepreneurialingenuitivescrappy
  • open, honest, communicative
  • passionate, driven, tenacious

As a company, we value:

  • agility, rapid iteration, constant improvements of our internal processes
  • non-hierarchical decision making
  • silliness, celebrations, open-mindedness  

Our company motto: Take Radical Action!

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